Are you fed up and frustrated with past weight loss attempts gone bad?

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of different diet and workout plans out there?

Lost and discouraged that you'll ever realize your goal weight?

If so, you've come to the right place.
Welcome to Geneva Fitness
Where Passion Meets Personal Training

If you're thinking of hiring a personal trainer to get you into great shape, you probably feel that the biggest problem that you are facing today is not understanding where to begin and not only that, once you have found that beginning you’re concerned that you won’t be able to stay motivated to continue on.

The drop off rate with any workout programme is extremely high and if those worries, fears and concerns describe you then you are in luck because at Geneva Fitness, we've made it our personal mission to help beat this.

  Let's look at some of the common issues that most weight loss enthusiasts deal with.  How many of these problems have you experienced, or are you experiencing today?  
Yo-yo weight loss with weight regain
  Food cravings that you struggle to beat
  Feeling like your metabolism is running so slow, you practically have to starve yourself to see any weight loss at all
  Low energy levels throughout the day making it next to impossible to get in your workouts
  Insufficient time to complete long workout sessions
  A limited budget that means you cannot work one-on-one with a personal trainer

Battling one of these?

If so, you aren't alone.

The fact is that we know most people struggle with at least one of the issues that we've listed above if not all of them, which is why we've created a state-of-the art programme that cuts around these problems and delivers you top-notch results.

If you are serious about reaching your fitness and health goals, we are serious about helping you achieve success.
  Some of the benefits that you're going to get when you become a Geneva Fitness client include:  
Personalized support with your workout so it's something you enjoy and see results from
  Fast workout sessions that are designed to get you the quickest results from your time invested
  Nutritional guidance that will cut through the clutter of all the other diet programs you've read about in the past – when you follow our approach, pounds of fat will melt off your body!
  Specially strategized workout sessions that will boost your energy level on a daily basis
  Complete support through every step of the way
  Reduced cost through working out in semi-private sessions – it's the affordable option that makes success possible!
  Motivational help from your very own trainer
  Advice and support on how to maintain your weight loss so you can enjoy your new body forever!

If these benefits sound like something you're interested in, then you're the perfect candidate to work with us.  When you come see us at Geneva Fitness we will go over where you currently are at with your health and fitness efforts and discuss where you want to be.

Once this information is brought out into the open we'll then begin formulating an action plan that we'll take together that will get you to your end results.

Interested in seeing some real success stories?

Check out one of these unbelievable transformations below:


In just 8 weeks, I have lost 7 lbs of body fat and gained 1 lb of lean muscle. I am proud of my accomplishments. I am beginning to love the body that reflects back at me in the mirror and once my own enemy, I am now proud to say that I have become my own best friend!

  To read more great testimonials click here!  

So why wait another day?  You've put off making the positive changes in your health and fitness that you deserve long enough.  Make today the day that you change that.


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